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July 26, 2014

Foursquare: Why Making Things Complicated?


Yesterday Mashable has published a story on Foursquare and Swarm and ow the separation has created a turmoil. (“Why Killing the Check-In Was the Wrong Move for Foursquare”) And I have to agree. Here’s my two cents.

Although Foursquare didn’t actually invent check-ins and badge-gamification, Foursquare has been the service that won the war against all other similar LBS. And now they are trying to reposition their service, not because of the user requests but due to the managerial decisions.

To be positive, I think I understand what Dennis Crowley, Foursquare CEO, was thinking. However, the move seems to be just wrong, because:

  • The move never considered people like me who actually used Foursquare for both check-ins and discovery. (Crowley said that most people only use Foursquare exclusively for checking in or exclusively for discovery and few do both. I guess I fall under those “few.”)
  • There is no clear reason not to integrate “Swarm” features into existing Foursquare.
  • No user benefits from having 2 separate apps, particularly when there are so many strong contenders

Now I can’t check in with Foursquare but I’m supposed to only browse my friends or my neighborhood. Why shouldn’t I be using Yelp? And with Swarm I get to check in and explore. But the question is “Why should I?”

I wouldn’t be surprised if other smaller contenders like Open Table, SCVNGR, Marco Polo, etc. (and even Groupon) are jumping with joy.

Foursquare should have thought more about how to provide better offerings and values from existing practices, not about disintegrating the service into more specified features.