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November 4, 2012

Social Media Marketing: What to Pursue?

Why do you care the number of fans (or followers) of your brand? What’s in the number of people’s comments, retweets, or likes? Isn’t it “what people are really talking about” rather than “how often they talk” that should be more important?

Nevertheless, so many clients care for those “numbers.” Is it because they are dumb? No it’s because their agency is lazy (and possibly dumb). When it comes to social media, it’s the “relationship” that you maintain with your people. It’s the qualitative and managerial nature that you have to focus. The number of anything, unfortunately, tells you almost nothing about those natures.

Compare this: Brand A has 3,000 fans that are very active and willing to do much for your brand. Brand B has 300,000 fans that do nothing and passively read your posts every once in a while. Which brand has a better chance for successful social media marketing, whatever that means? Hard to tell? Then remember that it’s a social media that we’re dealing with — the place where people are supposed to react/interact with their “friends.”

which brand would you want to be, Brand A or B? If you haven’t still figure out the answer, then go for Brand B because that will still give you a chance to keep your job (although you won’t get promoted, either.)